Marketing4Restaurants released our Book A Table feature in April 2013 because it was one feature that many of our customers really wanted. Chefs and restaurant owners wanted to be able to take bookings online, without having to pay per seat, per table or have their customers sent offers from competing restaurants. When we introduced Book A Table, many restaurants who didn’t want a new website were really keen on Book A Table, even if they had to pay for it.

Book A Table is a huge success with us now taking around 4% of all bookings made online every night. It is quick, simple to use and free for our customers. Reaching 4% of the market is a huge milestone for the team and it means now that we can do something that we have always wanted to do – give it away free to all restaurants. We do not think that there is a business in taking restaurant bookings. Some restaurants are paying as much as $3 per seat, which if the average customer spends $30 means that 10% of revenue goes to take the booking.

Frequently asked questions about Book A Table.

Why is it free?

We don’t think there is a business in charging for bookings. It is an unfair tax on an industry that can’t afford it. We focus on increasing profitability for restaurants, not building our own database, not charging to take bookings for you, so we are happy to help you take bookings online.

We think it is important to provide the local restaurant with the tools that the big boys have to run their restaurants. This means that there will always be those great little restaurants, cooking awesome food from their homeland for people to enjoy – we love going to

Do I have to pay for No Shows?

No – you don’t pay per seat, you don’t pay per table, you no longer have to reconcile no shows.

How long is the contract?

We don’t have contracts. People use Book A Table because it is great. If it doesn’t meet your needs, we just ask that you tell us why, so we can make it even better.

What is the catch?

No catches – you have to set it up yourself, but it only takes 5 – 10 minutes and get your web developer to put it on your website. If you need a hand, we offer an express setup for $99 inc GST where we will put it on your website and set it up for you. Then you are good to go.

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