Free Online Restaurant Booking System

Join the Revolution today!  Hundreds of thousands of seats booked and over   $15,000,000   worth of bookings taken for Restaurants all over the world.

$0 fees – Take Free Online bookings with FORBS

  •  No contracts – customers use us because they love us!
  •  No paying per seat or table
  •  Use the integrated Restaurant Diary
  •  See your bookings on your mobile phone
  •  Stop answering the phone during busy periods
  •  No need to prove no shows
  •  No sharing of customer details with other restaurants
  •  Start building your database, not someone elses!

Marketing4Restaurants Free Online Restaurant Booking System helps restaurants who want to offer online reservations from their own website without any costs or sharing of customer details.  This is the quickest and easiest way that you can build a database of customers email addresses which means you can run highly effective email marketing campaigns.

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Our Free WordPress plugin

For Restaurants looking for a different Free WordPress plug-in to take Restaurant Bookings and manage tables, the Free Online Restaurant Booking System gives you all the benefits of taking bookings online, without any of the downsides in many booking systems of fees and charges and more importantly share your customers data with companies who want to email offers on behalf of other customers.  The Free Online Restaurant Booking System is a cloud based Online Bookings system.  It will provide you with comparative analytics about how many bookings you received and how many bookings the average Restaurant receives.  This comparative analytics gives you really important Big Data information about how your website is performing from a sales and marketing point of view.  Your website should be doing Sales and Marketing.  The Marketing is done by getting great SEO and the sales is done by the images and menu that will sell your website visitors on the idea of booking in your Restaurant.

How to install FORBS on your WordPress website:

Installing FORBS is quick and simple.  Sign up for FORBS on our website.  You will be sent a link where you can fill in the details of your Restaurant, including opening and closing times.  You will be given access to a code snippet which either you or your web developer can upload to your website.  After that you are good to go with taking your own Restaurant bookings online.

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