Industry rumours abound that Restalo, after raising $10,000,000 to enter the Australian market has shut up shop and plans to manage the accounts that it already has from Spain.

Further investigations would indicate that this is the case.  A number of people list Restalo as an ex employer in Australia, with their termination date being in May.  Phone calls to the number listed on the Restalo Australia website where answered with “The number you have dialled has been disconnected.”

This will be a major blow to Restalo, which according to an executive search firm was planning to grow their team in Australia to 30 in the first year.  It will also come as a blow to the handful of restaurants who had signed up with them, expecting to be managed out of Australia and will now have to deal with being managed out of Spain, with a significant time difference.  Restalo may have viewed Australia as an opportunity because Open Table was not operating in Australia, but Dimmi has had been dominant with their online booking system, but even they are struggling to be profitable and have been losing market share to our Book A Table feature which has been growing at 8% per month.

The Australian market has become a difficult market, with many restaurants now taking bookings for free and not having to share their customers details.

The team at Marketing4Restaurants think this is a great victory for Austalian restaurants, because it shows that restaurant owners are starting to see the importance of not sharing their customer details with other companies.  Restalo was using a similar model to Dimmi in that the customers contact details belonged with the booking company and not with the restaurant.  Dimmi in particular is aggressive in sending out offers and discounts to other restaurants in the area, which is one of the main reasons for the decrease in customer loyalty that many customers are seeing.

Our Book A Table feature promises to never share your customer contact details with anyone and best of all, it is completely free!